A pastor’s view on youth ministers

This pastor in CA blogged about why he thinks youth ministry is so important. The post is very encouraging. If you work with students in any way, I recommend the read. Click HERE.

I consider it a privilege to currently work under a sr. pastor who understands youth ministry and places full confidence in me as the youth pastor. He supports me in both success and failure, listens to the issues and needs of the ministry and gives insightful input on the matters at hand. I especially enjoy the freedom he gives me to run and have fun with the vision and passion the Lord lays on my heart. All of the above are aspects of ministry are things I didn’t always have in previous ministry experiences, so to have them now is very refreshing and encouraging. Thanks, Pastor Rol!

Posted on October 25, 2005

  • Kym Mister

    I enjoied reading about Pastor Dan. We have had the Youth take over the church’s monthly Friday Night suppers and it gets the kids out of the ROCK(the space that they meet in) and into the church. Some of the teens don’t even come to SS they just show up on Wednesday Nights. During the suppers the kids are the ones setting the theme and organizing the “who does what” and each month the teens touch more hearts and become REAl to our adults who may in other way never even say one word to our teens. I’m EXTREMLY PROUD of them and LOVE them but most important GOD loves them and when adults keep up a “wall of routine” they are the ones who have to answer to GOD and I don’t want to be in their shoes. But then it’s too late and the teens and adults ahve missed the window of opportunity. So with beating my head against the wall, this is what the Lord has placed on our hearts to get the teens out and about with our (older) adults and we have seen God blessing, God’s enthusiasm and God’s love bring a little closer a gap that other wise would just be distant. You inspire me Timmy, we love you very much and I’m encouraged each time to read what is going on and look forward to seeing my two children growing up and looking back and saying “I’m glad I took the time” because now they don’t need me anymore. Their in God’s hands. My Dad has always said “children are on loan from God” and it’s so true, if people would see that, they would be bowing the heads in shame , as some should. Children are just looking for someone to love them and they can easly find it “Out there” so the church needs to step up and “be there Faithful love” Jesus was our example, what more do peolpe need to see … NOTHING :O)

    Keep ON Keeping ON
    “Invest in the future, Lead a child (Youth) to Christ.”

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