David Crowder launches squirrel into space!

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OK, maybe not all the way into space, but in case you’ve missed the last two videos David Crowder posted on his blog, you definitely need to check them out. This guy cracks me up!

Evil Squirrel: Part 1

Squirrel-pult: Part 2

I’m looking forward to part 3, hopefully soon!

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Posted on May 7, 2007

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  • Kerry

    I HOPE that is not an actual Crowder video. That is such a sad treatment of one of God’s creations.

  • Tim

    I don’t know if the Crowder Band actually made that video or not, but it is definitely posted on David’s blog as part 2 in his series.

  • it doesn’t take more than 2 seconds of view dc’s blog to see that he didn’t make the second video.

  • Tim

    Oh yeah, he said it at the very beginning of the blog post. I must’ve missed it: “some friends of mine sent this video to me.”

  • Tim

    Aww man, the last video was removed from YouTube. Gotta link to a different copy of it now.

  • JULI-OOOooooo

    Oh my gosh that was amazing! I want to build my own squirrel catapult also a cat catapult (can call it the Cat-apult!) I stinkin LOVE David Crowder!

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