Dress standards for summer youth group ministry [podcast]

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LIVE Youth Ministry TalkSome ministries are pretty strict when it comes to modesty and how they expect students to present themselves, especially when it comes to bathing suits during the summer. Other ministries are pretty flexible and enforce loose standards because of the culture of the area in which they live.

In this discussion, youth workers talk about the expectations we hold for students in their dress, how we handle different situations, and most importantly, how we help students adopt a value system instead of just forcing them to obey rules.

Here’s an overview of our discussion:

  • Standards we hold for dress code during the summer
  • How to handle different situations
  • Girls are becoming just as visually stimulated as guys
  • Other issues besides modesty
  • Moving beyond rules to helping students adopt modesty as a value

You can listen to the discussion below or grab it in iTunes.

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Posted on May 14, 2011

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