Easy JibJab effect for youth group video announcements

Easy JibJab effect for videoLast week my youth group’s news video featured my 2-month old daughter sharing some announcements using the JibJab effect along with my wife’s voice. It’s pretty funny! Check it out on YouTube, if you want.

Many of you were asking how I did it, and fortunately for all of us, it’s really simple.

1. Setup the talking head

Visit and follow the instructions. You’ll have to upload a picture you want to use, select the mouth area (it looks best if you select the entire chin area, too), and select what audio source you want to use. Click the icon to use your computer microphone and you’ll see that the mouth starts bouncing along with your voice. This is as far as you need to go for our purposes.

2. Record your JibJab video

Since there’s no way to download your JibJab videos from Blabberize, you’ll have to use screen capture software that basically records to video whatever you select on your computer screen. I use iShowU for Mac, but Jing is free and available for both Mac and PC. Or, Free Screen Capturer might work for you PC users, too. (Disclaimer: I’ve never used Jing nor Free Screen Capturer.)

Just like I explained in the tutorial about how to record L.T. for youth group video announcements, set the screen capture software to record only the area of your computer screen where your Blabberize character resides. Make sure you also set it to record the audio from your computer microphone. Then click record and start talking. Stop the recording when you’re finished and, wa-la, you have your JibJab video announcement.

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Posted on October 21, 2009

  • I'm so doing this! Thanx! :D

  • great stuff Tim!

    I use screenflow for mac… AWESOME!

    also camstudio is the best free thang for PC users


  • Thanks for the recommendations! Since I don't use Windows, I just had to Google around for something that seemed to be good for PC users.

  • jing is free, but currently only saves as SWF, you have to convert that to get it to work in windows then :-/ bummer!

  • Love this post. We put up the ability to download your blabber as video so you don't have to go through the process of screen capturing. Hope it helps!

  • musicnesss

    Allavsoft to download
    very good,you can have a try.

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