10 tips for shooting youth group video announcements

record youth group video announcementsEver since I posted the free youth group video announcement intro, it’s been fun to talk with some of you guys about your video announcements! That intro was received so well that I almost released another one last week until I realized that it contained some licensed material I can’t legally redistribute without buying a $100 license for it, so yeah… you obviously don’t have it.

But anyway, if you’re planning to shoot a video for your youth group announcements, here are some tips as you get started.

1. Keep the pace moving through the video. You can get away with repeating something in person, but if you do it in a video, it starts to feel like it’s dragging because, unlike in person, if you say it in a video kids usually pick it up the first time.

2. Listen for any white noise in the background of your environment before you start recording, like air conditioners, traffic, or even people talking, and move to a place where it’s quiet. You might not notice the background noise when you record it because we’re used to tuning it out, but we all hear it in the video and it becomes distracting.

3. Take notice of the lighting before you start recording. Is there a bright light source behind you making your face appear dark to the camera? Is there a bright light directly above you casting a shadow of your nose on your chin? Use a desk lap or something to make sure your face is well illuminated.

4. Leave room at the bottom of the video to write details of your announcement in a “lower third.”

5. Smile a lot, but smile naturally, not awkwardly just because I said to smile. Look like you enjoy what you’re doing.

6. Look directly into the camera lens when you talk, but don’t stare. It will help your audience feel like you’re connecting with them personally.

7. The five Bs of public speaking apply to video, as well: Be Brief, Baby, Be Brief.

8. Avoid reading notes if at all possible. Just talk naturally without repeating yourself too much.

9. You don’t need to buy fancy equipment or anything. If all you have is a the webcam on your computer, a Flip, or your the camera on your phone, use that. If you find the videos are working well for your group, then you can consider small upgrades at that time, but you don’t need anything fancy to get started.

10. Post your announcement videos online where your kids will see them, whether that’s YouTube, your youth group’s Facebook page, or in iTunes as a podcast they can automatically keep in sync with their iPods.

My weekly Creator’s Tip video series

If you’d like more tips about creating videos, every week I produce an episode for one of ReelSEO’s web video series’ called, “Creator’s Tip.” You can either watch them at or on ReelSEO’s YouTube channel.

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Posted on October 18, 2011

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