Favorite Youth Group Games: Alphabet Game

Youth group gamesIndoor Game; All Ages; 10 or more kids
I accidentally ran across this game on my computer while searching for something else. Dunno where I originally got it from, but the document was last modified in 2004, so it’s a couple years old. Sounds like a fun game!

Alphabet Game
Fill a little paper bag with strips of paper, each with a funny sentence written on it. Each sentence must start with a different letter of the alphabet. (For example, “Aardvarks sure do look tasty” and “Boy do you look terrible!”) Fill another little paper bag with numbers. Everyone picks a number. The two people who picked the 1 and 2 go first. Player 1 picks out a slip of paper with a sentence on it and reads it aloud. Player 2 must respond with a sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet AND makes sense. For example, player 1 says, “Stop! You have a turtle on your shoulder.” Player 2 responds, “That turtle is my pet.” Player 1 replies, “Under what circumstances should you have such a strange pet?” and so on. The first person who either responds with a sentence that does not start with the following letter of the alphabet or who can’t come up with a sentence within the time limit (like 10 seconds or so) loses. Players 3 and 4 then battle one another. When all people have gone, have the winners battle one another. You could also do this with two teams going against one another.

Here’s the list I apparently wrote up for my youth group a while back:

  • Aardvarks sure do look tasty
  • Boy do you look terrible!
  • Can you fit your whole fist in your mouth?
  • Dunking graham crackers in pickle juice is my favorite!
  • Everyone looks pretty fantabulous today
  • Finding Nemo is the worst movie ever!
  • Good going, look what you did!
  • How is it possible to have a civil war?
  • I like how it tickles when the hair on my legs stand up.
  • Just you and me now, pal!
  • Kaite told me that yellow snow tastes better than normal snow.
  • Let me see you lick your nose
  • My toenail polish is prettier than yours!
  • Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.
  • Ostriches are very flexible.
  • Put your spandex on and let’s go running
  • Quiet, my imaginary friend is talking.
  • Ritchie is the cutest boy ever!
  • Sucking on your toes is yummy.
  • Tickling Pastor Rol is not recommended.
  • Understand that my name is NOT Seymour Butts!
  • Very few midgets can run faster than 10 mph.
  • While you were out I decided to…
  • X-rays make me feel invisible, like Big Bird!
  • Yesterday I talked with a guy whose breath was worse than Tim’s!
  • Zip along there, speedy little fella!

SUBMIT YOUR GAME: If you have a favorite youth group game, tell me about it. If I publish it, you’ll receive full credit, a link, lots of gratitude and a warm feeling inside that comes from sharing with others.

Posted on October 27, 2007

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