Freebie Friday #105: Youth Bible lesson on the Great Commission and Online Missions Trip

Free youth ministry resources every FridayLast Sunday night I kicked off my youth group’s pre-trip training for the Online Missions Trip by talking about, “What is the Great Commission and how does it relate to me?” Greg Stier has a good outline for the talk in his book, “You’re Next: Leader’s Guide,” which I heavily borrowed from and tweaked for my own group. With his permission, I’m sharing my revised copy of his lesson with you guys.

It works as a perfect introduction to the Online Missions Trip. Or, even if you’re not participating in the Online Missions Trip, feel free to tweak it for a good discussion about the Great Commission, evangelism, and sharing Christ with unbelievers.

How to use it
The format of this lesson is structured for my high school large-group meeting. Due to our size, I start by telling kids to sit in groups of 3 or 4 around the room and designate one person to be the group leader. Each group leader gets a copy of the “Small Group Discussions” sheet and is expected to lead the discussion in their small group. The format then switches back and forth between me teaching for a couple minutes and them talking in their groups. If your group is small enough, you may just want to have the discussions as an entire group.

The music video I used
In this lesson I used the music video “Savin’ Me” by Nickelback. It’s a powerful message by a group of unbelievers saying, “Heaven’s gates won’t open up for me… say it if it’s worth saving me.” Although I’m not sure how legal it is, I downloaded an HD version of the music video here since iTunes won’t let put their copy on a DVD. Download at your own risk.

WordDownload “What is the Great Commission?” youth Bible lesson


There is no LIVE YM Talk on December 26 or January 2, but we are definitely looking forward to a great conversation on January 9. Dale Tadlock, a youth ministry veteran for over 20 years, will lead us in a discussion about achieving longevity in youth ministry. Info on the LIVE YM Talk page.

Posted on December 26, 2008

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