Freebie Friday #117: Youth series on Revelation and the end times

Free youth ministry resources every FridayI think Brett Hetherington has contributed more to our Freebie Fridays over the past couple years than anyone else. The best part is, his stuff is always quality material. Besides serving as one of the Youth Ministry Mentors, he’s contributed seven other youth teaching series’ and resources here in the past, and today’s series is no different. Visit his site and let him know how much you appreciate his generosity in equipping your ministry with great resources time and time again!

The End…
If your teens are anything like the rest of America, they want to know all about the book of Revelation. What is it about? Why is it so confusing? If I understand it will I know when Jesus is coming back? Do you find your inbox, cell phone and other methods of communication storage filled to overflowing with these questions and more? No? Me either, but once one student asked if I would lead a series on the seven signs of the apocalypse, it triggered a landslide of interest in Revelation. The End… is the result.

The End… is a three part teaching series in Revelation that attempts to give a balanced look at some of the major themes and symbols at play in Revelation. Numbers, the Rapture, Apocalyptic Prophecy and more are all covered within this study, as well as the four major viewpoints that Revelation can be interpreted from. Yup, Left Behind is not the only way to interpret Revelation. This series takes years of study and research, and boils it down to 3 fairly understandable and manageable interactive lessons. You could even break them up and make it 6 parts! Please use what you can and feel free to contact me with any questions that come up. This study should answer your teens’ questions about Revelation, and inspire all-new questions that you cannot answer.

Brett HetheringtonIncluded in this series you will find:

  • WORD and PDF formatted scripts for all three lessons
  • PowerPoints for the first 2 lessons
  • Images of the PowerPoint slides that can be used in another program if you do not have PowerPoint
  • Publisher and PDF formatted blank notes pages for students who want to take notes
  • Quicktime and Windows Media Video (WMV) formatted promotional videos
  • Quicktime and Windows Media Video (WMV) formatted intro bumps
  • Photoshop file of the logo for the series
  • JPEG images of the logo to use for advertising
  • Additional documents in WORD and PDF format detailing Hebrew Numerology and an overview of the 4 main methods of interpreting Revelation
  • PDF and WORD document with links to the font used to the series and full-length videos of the Original Sessions

Download “The End…” youth lesson series

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Posted on March 19, 2009

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