Freebie Friday #118: Free ConGRADulations 2009 CD from Interlinc

Free youth ministry resources every FridayInterlinc is giving away one free ConGRADulations 2009 set to any church who asks! You’ll have to part with some contact information to get it, which might not be worth it if it was just another compilation CD, but the ConGRADulations 2009 box contains a lot more than just music.

Of course the music CD comes with a bunch of music tracks from various Christian artists, but it also has a 48-page booklet containing some great stuff from Dave Ramsey (on financial issues) and Francis Chan (about avoiding the spiritual status quo). The set also has a media DVD containing videos from the two aforementioned guys, along with clips of other advice and wisdom for the big transition in life.

I personally have never given these sets away as graduation gifts, but I’ll be happy to take a free copy to check it out. Use the link below to get your free copy and evaluate it as a potential gift for one or more of the seniors graduating from your ministry this year.

LinkMore information about the ConGRADulations 2009 CD/DVD/Booklet set

LinkOrder your FREE Interlinc ConGRADulations 2009 CD/DVD/Booklet set

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Posted on March 27, 2009

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