Freebie Friday #148: Evangelism video with Greg Stier and discussion questions

Free youth ministry resources every FridayLast week my sr. high youth group finished up a 5 week series on evangelism that was loosely based on Brett Hetherington‘s free Evangelism For My Life series. A good friend of mine, Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share Ministries, agreed to do a live evangelism Q&A with my youth group via a video feed, but our Sunday night didn’t quite work out for him, so the teens wrote down their questions ahead of time and I did the Q&A video with Greg during the week instead. Here’s a list of the questions they asked:

  1. What are some icebreakers to start the conversation?
  2. What are a couple of passages that shows God’s love toward us?
  3. What would you say to someone if they ask a question like, “How do you know the Bible is right?” or “How do you know God exists?” or “What if you’re wrong?”
  4. How do you prepare for an “encounter?”
  5. What are some resources that you would recommend for someone who is going along with what you are saying?
  6. Give me an example of bringing Christ up through music? Sports? Recent events? School?
  7. What is a good way to explain the trinity to unbelievers?
  8. How can you explain that having faith is different than religion? Like, a relationship with God?
  9. How do we share our faith with people who don’t care about God and don’t want to learn more?
  10. How do we approach people with a different religion?
  11. How can we know when to be more persistent with someone and when to back off?
  12. How do I share my faith with someone who wants nothing to do with me?
  13. How do you go about pursuing someone who you and others may presume is “fine” but there is something that may lead you to be uncertain about their faith and if they know Jesus?
  14. How do you help a Christian come back to Jesus after an emotional crises/breakdown?
  15. How do you share your faith with a close friend?
  16. What do you say when an unbeliever asks you to prove what you’re saying?
  17. How do you prove the Bible using the Bible? How do you prove the Bible NOT using the Bible?
  18. What’s the way of evangelism that seems to be received best by unbelievers?

You’re welcome to download this 41 minute video conversation between me and Greg Stier and use it with your youth groups, too. However, since it’s just shy of 700 MB, I’m going to let you guys download it directly from Vimeo. Use the link below to view the video. In the bottom-right corner of the page you can download the original source file (requires site registration).

LinkView the Evangelism Q&A video with Greg Stier and Tim Schmoyer

PDF iconDownload the small group discussion questions

Remember, there is no LIVE YM Talk today or any other Friday in the future. LIVE YM Talks have switched to Mondays. Our next LIVE YM Talk is this Monday, October 26, with featured guest, Dennis Poulette, who will lead us in a discussion on working with cross-cultural students and minorities at youth group.

Posted on October 23, 2009

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