Freebie Friday #149: The Discipleship Project’s store goes FREE!

Free youth ministry resources every FridayThis week’s Freebie Friday is written and contributed by Paul Turner. He’s been creating youth ministry content for a long time: books, handouts, curriculum, training tools and more. Up until a couple weeks ago, all of his material was available for sale through his website’s store, but now he’s giving it all away for free! Here’s what he has to say about it:

What do you get for free? Criticism? That’s no fun. Resources, conversation, encouragement, training? Yes, more fun. When I started Disciple Project Ministries a little over two years ago, I was following a traditional model: Create stuff and sell it. The new model: Create stuff, give it away, talk about it, repeat. I hope the resources I will now provide for free; will somehow replenish a small part of what we all give up in time, money and sometimes ego to serve students. I am looking forward to serving all of you.

Download everything you want from Paul for absolutely free now.

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Paul TurnerPaul Turner has been working with youth for 20 years. He is the author of, The Cure For The Common Youth Ministry, and founder of Disciple Project Ministries. Paul is the youth director at Gardendale, Mt. Vernon UMC in Birmingham, Al. He loves spending time with his wife Kim, raising their their three great kids (2 of which are teens).

LIVE YM Talk this Monday, November 2, is with featured guest, Dennis Beckner, who will lead us in a discussion on keys for successfully start in youth ministry as a volunteer. We’d love to have you join us for the live conversation at 2:00 PM eastern time! See our LIVE YM Talk page for details.

Posted on October 30, 2009

  • Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ ,

    It is my hope your well and you continue better with God’s work. Also we are together spiritually and freshly. We continue better with God’s work.

    I ‘m pastor Daudi Thomas Msimbe and my wife Georgina we are Founders & Directors of a church of Great Vision Pentecostal and Ministry of People Shipping Centre (by leadership of the holly spirit) since 2003 we started this work of God and now we have six years in the ministry , but now is already registered by country laws.

    Our registration number is so. 14120. Also we have no permanent place
    for worshiping God. We have some place we pay for every month.

    The purpose of this letter to you servant of God is to need friendship (please read the book of Malachi 2:7) So that to be have benefit together in the body of Christ and God’s work continue forward means all we are unity in body of Christ(1 Corinthians 12:7,12-27) I and My church and I we need Contacts So that we need saving God with you together
    Thank you for your cooperation between you and our ministry.

    We expect you to give us your program and ways how to to do the work of God, And if possible to send kinds of spiritually books and tracts for evangelism. Also we need financial support for church and ministry expenses. We also live with two orphans we give them all basic needs including education.

    So that the work of God can continue well and growth because I know our country is peacefully Greet all believers in the name of the Lord (1 Thess 5:26) first of all we need your prayers.

    You are most welcome to Arusha Tanzania in East Africa

    Have a blessed day

    Senior Pastor Daudi Thomas Msimbe

    Founder & Director


    P.O Box 13437 Arusha-Tanzania

    Tel:+255 754 22 84 77
    +255 755 56 54 73

    +255 787 14 78 33

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