Freebie Friday #38: Post-modernity seminar for adults and leaders

Free youth ministry resources every FridayAnother Freebie Friday graciously provided by Brett Hetherington. Thanks again, Brett! If you love his material as much as I do, be sure to check out his site and send him a great big thank you. Here’s his summary:

What is post-modernity, why do I need to know about it and can I catch it by kissing someone? The post-modernity seminar is a lesson that I used to educate adults in our church about post-modernity and its impact both upon youth culture and the church’s ministry to youth. It is designed to educate and inform leaders how best to be aware of the cultural shifts that we have gone through and how best to apprehend some of these shifts to use in our own ministries.

Brett HetheringtonIncluded in this set:

  • Seminar script, outline, and checklist in WORD format
  • Seminar script, outline, and checklist in PDF format
  • Seminar PowerPoint
  • Seminar PowerPoint in PDF format

Zip iconDownload the “Post-modernity Seminar” set

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Posted on September 14, 2007

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