Freebie Friday #83: Youth ministry internship packet

Free youth ministry resources every FridayI really hope I’m not violating someone’s copyrighted material here, but I honestly cannot figure out where I got these documents from nor can I find any sort of license or author that might go along with them, so I’m going to assume they’re open source. I found them sitting on my computer from January 2005. Who knows how they got there.

As we gear up for the fall, some of us may have college students returning to our churches who want to do internships in our youth ministries. This packet includes 4 documents to help you plan an excellent and meaningful internship both for the intern and for your ministry. The documents are:

  • Developing an intern job description
  • Intern reference letter
  • Intern self-evaluation form
  • Intern’s supervisor evaluation

Obviously your ministry may not require all the formality found in these documents, but the job description form includes a lot of great questions you should think through before bringing on a new intern. At the very least, as you would with any adult volunteer, make sure you’re comfortable with the intern’s spiritual and emotional maturity before putting them in a position of a role model for the teenagers.

Download the Youth Ministry Internship Packet

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Posted on July 25, 2008

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