Great posts to check out (vol. 2)

10 ways to entertain young children for $1 or less without the TV (Funny, all of them will entertain me for hours, too!)

Things to look for in youth ministry volunteers (Ken forgot to mention that they have to be young and cool… oh wait, no they don’t.)

5 things youth ministers don’t want you to know (My own addition: I secretly laugh on the inside when your middle school kid publicly, but innocently, says something embarrassing about you and your family.)

Overwork and Youth Ministry (Not just another “burnout” post, this one talks about overworking volunteers and rethinking our approach youth group activities.)

Posted on August 6, 2007

  • Tim, having my kids say something embarrassing about my family is what scares me about my boys growing up. :) I’m so glad their only 3 and 1 right now – I’ve got at least a few years before they start telling people stuff they shouldn’t.

  • thanks tim for the great links.

  • Tim,
    Got here from Bobby Williams’ blog. Thanks for the links. I especially liked the one about not overworking your volunteers. I’m a big Kurt Johnson fan.

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