Great posts to check out (vol. 3)

1. Attention Youth Ministers – Don’t get up on the Deep End (Some great encouragement for youth pastors)

2. Tips for starting a worship band (Good stuff for not only starting a praise band, but to ensure that it continues successfully.)

3. The failure of youth ministry (By Mike Yaconelli. Current youth ministry models should probably be scrapped and approached differently from the ground up. Found via polemos blog)

4. What Harry has to say about youth ministry (An object lesson about youth ministry taken from the Harry Potter series.)

I think I missed the memo that during the past two weeks youth ministry bloggers were supposed to write about teenagers leaving the church, especially as related to Lifeway’s recent study. There’s a lot of coverage out there!

5. LifeWay Research Uncovers Reasons 18 to 22 Year Olds Drop Out of Church (From Lifeway)

6. Why Young Adults Drop Out of Church and What We Can Do to Stem the Tide (From Lifeway)

7. Parents, Churches Can Help Teens Stay in Church (From Lifeway)

8. Preventing young adult, church, drop out (Ron Klabunde’s summary of the Lifeway research. If you skip Lifeway’s articles, check this out.)

9. Study eyes why youths quit church (Looks like relationships and frequent contact are the keys to reversing the statistics.)

Posted on August 14, 2007

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