Guest video: Using students to minister alongside you

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Posted on October 23, 2008

  • Tim,

    Love the videos…the book sounds cool.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Larry Darnell

  • Jessie


    I oculd use that book along with any other things u have.

    Jessie Dawson

  • @Jessie: Although Larry commented for the book first, he emailed me privately and said to pass the book along to you instead. I’ll email you and get your address.

  • Great web-site!!! You did an amazing job!!! I enjoyed watching the videos!!! You guys are great!
    Talking about ideas, there\s this really good show, which I like a lot, and I\m sure you\ve heared about it. It\s called STOMP. What these guys do is so cool, I saw them live in NY. I\m sure you can do the same and even better. It really turns people on. Just an idea, hope it could be any helpful.
    the hollywood
    amp69 com
    grande fratello

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