Haiti videos, pictures, interviews, podcasts you gotta check out

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I’ve been generating a lot of media content about my trip to Haiti. Here are a couple things I definitely encourage you to check out. Even if you’re not considering a trip there yourself, at least listen to the amazing stories of what God is doing in Haiti. This is unprecedented revival for our lifetime!

Special LIVE YM Talk with the Haiti team

This Wednesday, February 24, most of the “Youth Ministry Advance Team: Haiti” team members will gather together for a special LIVE YM Talk discussion. We’ll share stories, experiences, and what we’ve been processing since the trip. We’ll also talk about implications for your youth group.

Join us at 2:00 PM eastern time this Wednesday for the YMATH discussion!

All my daily video blogs from Haiti are on YouTube

Click to playHere’s the YouTube playlist of all my daily video blogs from while I was in Haiti last week. I basically walked around with my video camera the whole time and tried to capture snapshots throughout the entire trip, including some of my own processing of what I was experiencing each day. There’s about an hour and 45 minutes of footage, making it a good full-length film, eh?

I promise you, the stories you’ll see in my videos are not what the news media is covering here in the US, which blows my mind because I don’t know how they can ignore something like this.

Watch the YouTube playlist of my daily Haiti video blogs

Haiti trip interview on YouthHacks Podcast

Adam McLane and I were interviewed together by Josh Cook and the YouthHacks Podcast team. It was a really good discussion about our trip. We shared a lot of stories, lessons, and how the trip has affected us. Definitely listen to the recording, even if you just play it in the background while you work.

Listen to our YouthHacks Podcast interview about Haiti experiences

Pictures from Haiti

I got the rest of my pictures from the trip uploaded to this blog’s Facebook page, too.

Check out my pictures from Haiti

Here are Adam McLane’s pictures on Flickr

I talk with Bill Scott briefly about what God taught me in Haiti

Tonight I joined my good friend, Bill Scott, on his first online talk radio show and discussed what I saw in Haiti and what God taught me. I actually called in twice between other callers. You can grab the 11 minute audio clip in iTunes. Or, listen here.

Download the brief discussion in iTunes

Posted on February 23, 2010

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