Internet accountability for youth workers

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Posted on December 17, 2008

  • Hey Tim, I could use that resource.

    Thanks for all the content that you provide. I look forward to the video every week!

  • Thanks for this video! I’m going to embed this in the Covenant Eyes blog. Great conversation!

  • @Erin: It’s all yours! I’ll email ya for your address.

    @Luke: Thanks man! That would be awesome!

  • dude who needs covenant eyes or Triple XXX church when you have Joe?
    Joe is huge. Joe could easily bust some heads. I would not want to mess with that guy. If I knew that Joe was observing my internet history, I would never be tempted to take a peek ever again. : )

  • bruce

    Great topic and discussion. I have used both Covenant Eyes and X3. I try to recommend some type of internet accountability to my youth and other youth pastors. The x3 is probably the best choice sine it is free. It is difficult to get teens to come up with 80-90 dollars a year when it is available for free through Triple X Church. That way there is no excuse, not to get it.

    Thanks for your continued ministry


    South Carolina

  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the video and topic discussion. I’m not sure if you have heard of Accountable2You. I’ve found many people getting around other software by using flash drives and file transfers programs. Accountable2You records all activity on your computer and reports it back to an accountability partner. Thank you again for bringing this topic up.

    Ben Lawrence
    Complete Computer Accountability

  • @Ben Lawrence: Thanks, Ben. I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds good. I don’t know about 3X, but I know Covenant Eyes tracks pretty much any and all Internet traffic that comes through your connection, including peer-to-peer downloads, bit torrents, FTP, everything, and reports it to your partner every week via email.

  • By the way, guys, if you use the promo code “youthministry” when signing up for Covenant Eyes, you get 30 days free to try it out.

  • Tim

    I know women often don’t understand men and the temptation they face and would therefore not have any idea why someone would need accountability/filtering software. so what do you say to your wife? you did talk about this briefly. someone made the comment about asking for accountability and they were nervous because they didn’t want them to think the were doing it because they did struggle, but it was just a precaution.

  • @Tim: If the guy is in ministry, he could probably just tell her that it’s a precaution to have in place for protection just in case anyone might make an accusation against him in that area. That way there’s proof that he’s not. *shrugs*

  • Tim

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Safe Eyes? if you have used it or currently use it I was wondering what your thoughts are on it.

  • Brandon Morris

    Just another resource you may inform readers about – which might I add, is FREE…every youth pastor loves that word, right!? – it’s a SUPER resource, I’ve installed it on all computers at church as well as my own and a few friends…works with a password to see anything inappropriate, almost like a firewall, you can allow certain sites or restrict them. If you don’t have a password, you don’t get in…it also LOGS the sites that were pinged even if not allowed and if they were allowed.

  • Hey Tim!

    You might like this new video from Covenant Eyes:

    Go ahead and splash this up on your blog some time. We want this to spread all over the Internet!

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