My book starts shipping this Friday!

Life In Student Ministry on AmazonIt’s hard to believe this is finally here! This project has been a year and a half in the making and to finally have a physical copy of the book in my hand is a little surreal.

The best part is, you can have a physical copy of this book, as well! It’s not due to bookshelves until March 1, but Amazon pre-orders should start shipping around this Friday. To make it even sweeter, Amazon is currently selling it for 34% off! So if you’re thinking about picking up my new book, Life In Student Ministry: Practical Conversations On Thriving In Youth Ministry, this is probably the best time to buy it.

Of course, if you’re going to be at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in a couple weeks, you can buy a copy from the bookstore there, as well. I’m teaching a seminar and presenting on a couple panels at the conference, so I’ll be there to hug people who buy copies of my book. haha

What I like most about this book

The think I like best about this book is that it’s not just my voice, as if I’m the “expert” telling you all how to run your youth ministries. Rather, it’s a collection of voices, more than 100 of them, from the online youth ministry community. Together we all give input, confirmation, push-back, and different perspectives to the content I present. It’s really a conversational book, which I love. It’s my best attempt to take the subtitle of this site, Conversations among youth workers, and put it into a static, print form. I trust you’ll love the style and the tone, as well.

Some endorsements

Check out a slew of endorsements from Tic Long, Greg Stier, Mark Oestreicher, Jonathan McKee, E.J. Swanson, Lars Rood, and a whole lot more on the book’s endorsement page!

Here’s what my college youth ministry professor had to say:

“Good, proven, practical ideas for youth ministry can be hard to come by. This book is loaded! I couldn’t put it down! Practical answers to real life youth ministry issues. Whether you are brand new just-out-of-the-box to youth ministry or a well weathered veteran there is something here for you. I especially loved the blog style multiple perspectives from experienced youth workers on every topic. The book seems to touch on every aspect of youth ministry and offers tested solutions and wise advice.”
– Matt McAlack, Director of Youth Ministry Program, Philadelphia Biblical University

THE BOOK’S PROMO VIDEO: Here’s a little promo video I made for the book’s Amazon page. Unfortunately, I can’t upload it there until the book is released, so here it is on YouTube in the meantime.

Posted on February 15, 2011

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