Tobey Nichols

Clayton, California

Tobey NicholsThinking back on my recent mentorship experience only positive thoughts resonate in my mind. My time in the ten-week experience was very encouraging and helped me to realize the good, the bad and the ugly of ministry.

The highlights of the mentorship for me were being able to think out loud to a fellow youth work and hear from their experiences. I really enjoyed hearing from my mentor of what things had worked for him in the past and what things blew up in his face. It was such a nice experience to walk along side somebody while try to figure out what the heck I was/am doing. This mentorship did not just encourage me during the 10 weeks but continues to encourage me. My mentor and me still talk from time to time and share how life and ministry is going for us. It has been several months since my mentorship ended but I just recently talked to my mentor about community outreach to teens and received some great guidance. I was able to kick around some ideas and evolve where I was headed with an upcoming event.

I would highly suggest this mentorship to anyone who has recently began working in youth ministries. It can be an overwhelming task to try and figure out everything on your own. Having a friend and experienced mentor guide you, joke with you, and pray with you can be such a unique opportunity for growth. Also having an individual not connected to your specific ministry or church is healthy so that you can vent and get an unbiased view of how to communicate with in you church and community. I was so grateful for this mentorship and that I could be blessed through the ten-weeks and continued friendship with my mentor.

Seth Rowe

Columbus, Ohio

Seth RoweComing into my mentorship with Tim I was feeling very lonely in my ministry. I just didn’t have many people to bounce ideas off of and to challenge me and the work I was doing. I didn’t know quite what to expect coming into the 10 week program and assumed it would be a little awkward opening up to a person I didn’t know, but I decided to go for it anyway. Despite my worries I was really able to open up immediately and share my heart with Tim and he with me. It was nice to have someone finally asking probing questions about my ministry and why we are doing what we’re doing. It was also nice to have someone to simply hold me accountable to the Lord in my personal life. As a result of the mentorship program I have made an intentional effort to meet with local youth pastors every other week for encouragement and sharing. I have a clearer vision and sense of purpose for my ministry. I would highly recommend this program!

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