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Sometimes I forget that ministry is more “grind” than “glamour” Looking at youth ministry from the outside, it can be easy to think that it’s just playing games, hanging out with kids, and going on cool retreats — a grand ol’ time for everyone. Although these elements are fun, I’m learning more and more over the years that real ministry is not as glamourus as it seems. Real ministry is messy. It’s about getting into sticky areas of depraved lives and doing whatever’s necessary to encourage growth and maturity. When it requires confrontation, it is very difficult, akward, and stressful. This is not glamourus at all.

Posted on December 5, 2005

  • Truer words were never spoken. The things I struggle most with in ministry is when people stop being fake and start acting real.

  • That is the awful truth. But I could not picture myself anywhere else.

  • Tim,
    I wandered here from Jimmie Kersh’s blog, fyi.
    We have intently focused on COMMUNITY this year in our ministry–not ‘everyone getting along’ stuff, but real, scriptural Hebraic commonality.

    Dude. Community is messy as heck. Especially when confrontration is involved, like you mention. It’s been painful a lot of times this fall, but I believe the fruit will be worth the pruning, you know?

    But I wouldn’t trade student ministry for anything ‘greener’…

    great blog, btw!

  • Very true, Tim. Very true.

  • Aj

    Thanks for your kind words on my post: they are much appreciated.

    I remember really understanding the role of the Old Testament priests for the first time – they were glorified butchers! They did more than that, but really, when I read about all the different parts of the animals and what they had to do with them . . . not the pretty “dressed in all white” picture of priests that I have. Thanks for reminding us and keeping it real.

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