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Ministry QuestionsOn February 10, 2009, I launched, a site where the online community of youth workers could ask questions, receive advice from each other, and invest into each other’s ministries. The year and a half since then has seen amazing growth with over 1,700 questions submitted and tons of resources shared.

In order to move forward with some of the other plans I have for, the backend of the site needed to be re-worked, most of which was completed last week. Along with the updated backend (which I realize is cool for me, but not really you guys) came a new frontend design and a bunch of requested features.

Some of those new features are:

  • You can finally comment back on an answer to your question
  • There’s better navigation and sorting options for questions
  • We’re using the thumbs-up/down point rating system instead of stars
  • You can view recently answered questions on the site to see where the latest activity is
  • The video recording controls and options have been greatly enhanced
  • And a whole lot more…

What we removed is perhaps as interesting as what we added. The debates feature was removed because most people used it to ask questions anyway, and the blog section was removed, as well, because I wasn’t really keeping up with it.

Some cool things coming up in the future for

  • An iPhone/Android app that lets you quickly and easily post and answer questions on the go when you have a minute or two here and there. I’m also thinking the apps will make it super-easy to utilize your phone’s camera to record your video questions and answers straight into the website. This will take a pile of cash to pull off, though.
  • I’d love to enhance the media sharing tools on the site. Right now you can upload a document, picture, or a file to share as a resource for someone’s question, but the functionality needs to be improved.

Thank you to everyone who already invests into each other at!

And for the rest of you, the best way to stay up-to-date with the questions that are posted is to follow MQ on Twitter and Facebook.

If you see anything around the site that’s not working right, please comment below so we can get it worked out. Thanks!

Posted on November 1, 2010

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