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Ministry QuestionsI can’t believe today is finally here! After several months of dreaming, vision casting, and late nights with ingenious web developers, is finally alive!

This site is a culmination of several things:

1. As much as I love to hear from youth workers via email and Facebook, it is becoming quite unrealistic to respond to every youth ministry question that shows up in my Inbox. In past conversations with guys who run other popular ministry websites, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who stays up late into the night answering ministry questions via email. Ministry Questions provides a better solution for all of us to both ask and answer questions. It’s a place where anyone can ask something and get feedback from more than just one person via email. In fact, Ministry Questions isn’t even limited to text — it thrives on integrated video and audio, as well, providing much more “face-to-face” interaction.

2. It also takes our Youth Ministry Mentorship online to reach the 100s of you who applied but were not selected for the weekly one-on-one phone conversations. Most of the mentorship team of veterans will be active on Ministry Questions, ready and available to give you advice, feedback, and recommendations to all your ministry questions. With the ability to subscribe to other users on the site, it can truly become a one-on-one online mentorship regardless of how large its online community grows.

Ministry Questions is absolutely loaded with features. Check out this video for an overview.

The best way to describe Ministry Questions is to think of Yahoo! Answers except with the added ability to interact via video and audio clips. Lots of other perks definitely make it quite unlike any other website on the Internet. I am very proud of the team of developers who built this site for me, I’m thankful to have such an amazingly helpful webhost, and I am ecstatic about the community of ministry workers who have already embraced Ministry Questions during it’s closed testing phase.

Although my audience is primarily youth workers, the scope of Ministry Questions is certainly not limited to youth ministry. It’s also for worship leaders, pastors, children’s ministry directors, and even teens who are looking for a place to ask a questions to ministry people like you. I encourage you to share Ministry Questions with people who serve in other areas of ministry, too. Please help spread the word!


Ministry MonkeyA HUGE thank-you to for financially sponsoring some of the cost that Ministry Questions has incurred. is the perfect place to order any custom apparel for ministry. I can personally vouch that they are a great team, they have great communication, and their prices are some of the lowest I have ever seen for custom t-shirts. Perhaps best of all, though, is their genuine heart to serve ministries however they can, including my own. Check them out at and on Twitter.

Posted on February 10, 2009

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