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I’ve been working hard to make the back-end of my blog site work much more efficiently for me. Along the way I added some new features for you guys, too.

1. For those of you who do not use RSS feeds, the option is now available to subscribe to the site via e-mail. Whenever a new post is added you’ll automatically receive a notification message in your Inbox with the link to check it out. Click the “Email Subscribe” button in the menu to the right to sign up.

2. For those of you who DO use RSS feeds, I will be discontinuing the Atom 0.3 feed and the RSS 0.92 feed. If you use either of these two feeds, please update your RSS readers to utilize the XML feed links in the “Subscribe” menu to the right. The RSS 2.0 feed will remain intact. This feed is also 100% compatible for Atom users now, thus eliminating the need for multiple feeds. I’ll give ya a couple of days to switch. ;)

That’s pretty much everything noticeable to you guys concerning the updates. The other upgrades benefit only me. :P

Posted on October 27, 2005

  • Meagan

    Hi Tim
    I’m the girl on whose site you commented. I appreciate your compliments! I write because it helps me UNLOAD. I would love to connect with other youth pastors, even if they are in Texas. I’ve never been there, but I have a plethora of opinions about the place. I know plenty of Texans. Anyway-please do let me know what resources you’d recommend. A friend who majored in theology recommended Oxford’s History of Christianity, but that might be a bit too much. I want meaty, but that just sounds thicker than what I need right now. What i don’t want is a book of factoids that say, “Look! The Bible is true! See, we found this peice of clay that dates . . . ” I don’t need something to prove to me that it is true, because the Holy Spirit plays that role. I just want to learn ABOUT it. Make sense? I am afraid you’re going to be 100% right, though, that when I go to learn more, I will only have more questions. That’s ok. It’s my nature to be curious and want to learn. Anyway-please do let me know what you recommend! I’m on AIM most of the day under “oldberry” Thanks!

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