Random personal updates

  • September was mine and Dana’s first month living on a written budget. We’re following Dave Ramsey’s financial plan to eliminate debt and save for a house. The budget thing was easier than I expected, although my blow money was gone within the first four days!
  • Dana and I are registered for the National Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis. Anyone else going?
  • We’re looking for new health insurance coverage for Dana. Not fun.
  • Since moving to Minnesota, we’re enjoying the benefits of living close to my brothers and their families. We get together about twice a month now.
  • Fall in Minnesota is such a beautiful time to go on bike rides.
  • I’m only 3 referrals away from getting my FREE Xbox 360 Elite!
  • I’m working on my own Facebook application. After a little more testing, it’ll be finished and I’ll release it to you guys.
  • Doh! I’m teaching at our monthly city-wide youth meeting this Sunday and I haven’t started preparing yet. Okay, enough updates, gotta work…

Posted on October 4, 2007

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