Skypecasts switching to Talkshoe: user-friendly and telephone access

This Friday we’re scheduled to resume our weekly Skypecast conversation at 2:00 PM EST, but due to all the technical difficulties I’ve decided to move our discussions to instead. There are several advantages: it works on the first try every time, it’s much more user-friendly, Mac users can now join us, and there’s easy telephone access for those who want to call in to talk instead of using a computer microphone. A chat room is integrated for those who just want to listen online and participate via text.

How do I join the conversation?

When Friday at 2:00 PM EST roles around each week, here’s how you can join the LIVE youth ministry conversation.

  1. Call (724) 444-7444 and enter ID number 19105#. If you’re a registered Talkshoe user, enter your pin number at the prompt. Otherwise, just press 1#. (Long distance charges may apply.) OR…
  2. Visit our Talkshoe page to listen and join the chat. You can also use Talkshoe’s optional free software to talk in high quality with your computer mic.

This Week’s Topic: Balancing “fun” and Bible study in youth group

We all struggle with trying to balance “entertainment” and Bible study in youth group. What balance have you found works best for your group? What “fun” elements should be included in youth group? Or should we disregard the entertainment side altogether? Come prepared to share your thoughts or just to listen to what others have to say.

We also have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s talk about what’s been happening in your ministry so far this summer. How has God been working? What are you excited about? What issues have come up that you’d like to bounce off other youth workers? We want to hear all your stories from this summer so far.

Upcoming Schedule

The schedule and topics are maintained on our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversations page, but here’s a glance at what’s coming up.

  • August 1: The balance between “fun” and Bible study in youth group.
  • August 8: Getting parents involved in the spiritual lives of their teens.
  • August 15: No conversation.
  • August 22: Problems with youth group as a “minichurch.”
  • August 29: No conversation.
  • September 5: Evaluating the spiritual depth of our youth ministries.
  • September 12: Working with students who suffer from depression and eating disorders (special guest, TBA).

What is the Life In Student Ministry Conversation?

Join us every Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for a LIVE conversation between me and many other youth workers from around the country. Together we talk about anything and everything pertaining to “life in student ministry” and you’re invited to join the conversation! Although we usually set the topics beforehand, there’s always time for you to chime in, ask for input on an issue, share your advice with others, or just tell us about something exciting in your ministry, all LIVE via voice and video feeds!

More information can be found on our LIVE Youth Ministry Conversation page.

Posted on July 31, 2008

  • Tim, is this one mac friendly? I tried the other deal you had set up and had video but no audio.

    give some love to a fan of Steve Jobs

  • @ Kevin: Yeah, it’s really platform independent since it mostly functions inside your browser. However, they do have software available for Windows and Mac that offers much greater control in the conversations, high quality audio with your computer mic, shows who is talking, and more. I really recommend it. Of course, if you can’t be around a computer, you can always just call in and listen and/or participate. *6 will mute/unmute your telephone depending on if you just want to listen or if you want to talk, too.

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  • i look forward to joining the convo soon. we are in church transition (moving into a building!) so life is a little hectic. thanks for doing this!

  • @ Chris G: Can’t wait to have ya, man!

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