So many transitions in my life during 2006

Tim and Dana WeddingThe year 2006 was probably the craziest year of my life, full of major transitions that have been pretty emotionally taxing.

  • December 2005: Dana and I started dating again after taking an 8-month break.
  • January 2006: Dana starts student teaching and moves in with a family from church.
  • April 2006: Dana and I are engaged.
  • April 2006: The realization sinks in that I’m getting married and am no longer responsible for only myself.
  • April 2006: Dana passes her ESL certification test.
  • May 2006: Dana graduates from college and moves back home.
  • May 2006: Churches start contacting me about youth ministry positions.
  • June 2006: I direct the 7th-9th graders at church camp for a week.
  • June 2006: I spend two weeks in the Ukraine right before the wedding.
  • July 2006: I arrive home from the Ukraine to find out that my part-time IT job no longer exists.
  • July 2006: Dana and I get married, become part of new families, and start learning how to live with each other.
  • July 2006: As a married couple, we begin living with a totally different budget.
  • August 2006: Dana’s search for a teaching position becomes pretty frustrating.
  • August 2006: Dana starts a temp job.
  • October 2006: Our pastor moves to a new church, which starts many ministry transitions in my current church.
  • December 2006: I accept a new youth ministry position in Minnesota.
  • February 2007: We move across the country to a new ministry.

I am so looking forward to settling down and hopefully enjoying some stability in 2007.

Posted on January 11, 2007

  • Dad

    Stability? Define what stability is to you. God’s purpose is to make us more like Jesus and that takes stretching. As in nature, there are cycles of rest and strengthening, but then comes another growth spurt. “He Who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6) Stability comes in heaven. In this life its a process of stretching. But God promises to never give us too much, to always be with us through it, and to use it all for our good and His glory. Enjoy the trip!

  • David

    October 2007: I predict your first baby will be born….yes born!!! :-) “History repeats itself” within the schmoyer relm it seems.

  • Buster’s Mom

    Stability is what you earn once you reach glory! “Dad’s comment was right on”….hate to break it to you like this, but life in the ministry has ups and downs oh, about every 45 minutes. BUT the adventure is so very rewarding and when you see how your life has been used to be transformational in another life….that is the best form of stability at least here on earth.
    So, roll up those sleeves, put your life in a box and head up North…hurry!!!
    Buster is waiting for you.

  • Tim

    Yeah, I know you guys are right (except for David) ;) Maybe consistency is a better word to use? I dunno. I’m just looking forward to finally settling down in one place, I guess. Thanks for the reminder on stability.

  • Yeah, stability to me right now after 2006 is to move into a home in Alex and know that we will be in one home for at least a year. I had 3 different homes last year, and pretty much just had my clothes and books out to enjoy. I’m looking forward to being able to use all the great gifts we received for our wedding, and have the rest of my stuff out of boxes for me to even remember what I have! :)

    Everyone be praying for us as I am in contact with different home owners in Minn. to rent a house for us.

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