Transition point in life

So many changes taking place in my life:

— Went from two part-time jobs to only one (at church).

— Being married in 10 days.

— Packing all unnecessary items in my apartment to make room for Dana.

— Dana accepted a teaching position.

— Moving to a larger apartment somewhere between Dana’s school and church.

— Need to purchase a car for Dana.

— Living with a totally different budget.

— Officially becomming a part of another family.

— The realization that I’m no longer responsible for only myself.

— And more… (whew)

Posted on July 12, 2006

  • We’re gonna have lots of adjustments to make! I feel confident that we will do great together with all we have been challenged with and conquered with God’s help already.

  • Kymberly Mister

    You both will become one and everything will fall into place. That’s why they call you newlyweds, “newly” “wed” into a new life together :O) Take each challenge as a joy of being able to be with eachother forever. And in a year you will look back at all of this and say “Whew”a year already?!!! See you two at the wedding!

  • lynn

    Don’t you wish we could just say kids sometimes? but being a married adult has it’s perks ;)

  • Adrienne

    Hey if you are interested we will totally sell you David’s Saturn…I know how much you LOVE them!!! :grin:

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