Teaching video clip on Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide

I saw this news clip on YouTube about Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt. There’s a lot of good comments in this clip by (assumed) unbelievers about how empty fame and fortune really is.

“How can someone who seems to have it all be such a troubled person?” (News reporter)

“We succeed to the very best we can be and there’s still an emptiness within us…and we don’t know how to appropriately fill that… If we don’t get the help we need, the only answer is to end it.” (Interviewee)

“He’s a celebrity, he dates beautiful women, he’s got tons of money, a guy who really seems, on the outside anyway, to really have it all. Does this just point out that living the Hollywood dream really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?” (News reporter)

“No matter what it seems like on the outside, living to get that ‘next fix’ is the only thing you live for. It’s hell! It’s a living hell!” (Interviewee)

I edited the YouTube clip a little to make it shorter and used it as a part of my lesson today about how only a relationship with God can satisfy. It also works well with Dare2Share’s latest youth leader lesson, Owen Wilson’s Meltdown (free, but site registration is required). Download the clip here if you wanna use it sometime:

Movie iconOwen Wilson suicide news report (3 min, 16 sec; Divx format; 27.6MB)

Posted on September 9, 2007

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  • Tim

    Thanks for your comment, Kate! I'm definitely no expert on mental illnesses or anything, but I know enough to know that there's a lot of controversy over this matter, especially in the Christian community that attributes more to the spiritual side than some in the secular community would do. I also know that most people tend to feel very strongly about their opinions based on education, background, personal experiences, etc. So, I understand what you're saying and without getting into a big pointless debate, I would say that having a vital relationship with God from the very beginning will often (not all the time) prevent such an "illness" from starting in the first place. The despair of a life without Christ can lead to the bleak outlook on life that Owen apparently has. Either way, I'm sure we'd both agree that lost people need Jesus and that life is meaningless without Him.

  • i think those comments are also testimony to the ways mental illness is misunderstood by the general public – that it’s about some outside event or situation that makes someone sad, rather than an actual disease. most of my teenagers unknowingly espouse that misconception, and when a friend of theirs took his own life, we had the opportunity to do some education.

    and while i agree with you that a relationship with god is what satisfies and gives us worth and hope, mental illness can prevent people from living into that claim and calling – much like pneumonia preventing someone from doing all the things they normally would.

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