Thanksgiving pictures

By popular request, I’m adding more pictures of my new niece. Yes, she is absolutely adorable and a whole lot of fun. :) I’ll throw in some other random pictures from yesterday and today, as well.

Today all the grandparents and relatives from my mom’s side came over for Thanksgiving meal. It was cool to see them and catch up with my cousins a little, but the highlight of this week so far was last night at church. During Thanksgiving Eve service a family walked in the back door that we haven’t seen for 10+ years. My brothers and I used to be good friends with their kids and enjoy lots of memories together. They somehow seemed to disappear and we lost contact for quite some time. Throughout the years I often wondered about them, what happened, and where life had taken them, so it was great to finally reconnect. Hopefully we can continue to stay in touch now.

This weekend will also be a big highlight for me as Kym comes up from Virginia Beach and Alicia comes in from Florida to visit. It’s always great to see Kym because she’s like my second mom. :) Seeing Alicia will be great also because she’s another childhood friend of mine that I haven’t seen for over five years. Tomorrow morning we’re all helping my brother and his wife, Dan and Maggie, load up their U-Haul since they’re moving to Minneapolis this Sunday after lunch, so it will be an eventful weekend all around.

Here are some more pictures:

David and Adrienne meeting their new niece for the first time.

Me holding Ruby Ann.

Catching up with some childhood friends from church after about 10+ years of losing contact. Very fun time!

Dan and Maggie with their new daughter, Ruby Ann.

David and Adrienne, the newlyweds.

Group picture out on a hike.

Cute Ruby! :D

Group picture of the Schmoyers “kids.”

Posted on November 24, 2005

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