Tim is married!

No, not me! ;) My old roommate, Tim, got married today out near Tyler, Texas this afternoon. I went out to witness the event and had a great time. I was kinda nervous about it at first since I went by myself and didn’t know anyone there except his family, but they were very inviting and made me feel very welcome, so I was fine after that. Thanks, Tim! :)

The wedding was very nice. I especially respected the fact that both sets of parents stopped to pray together on stage after the moms lit the candles. Tim and Carri did the same after lighting the unity candle. That was pretty cool.

Tim is a great guy and I’m glad I had the privlege of living with him for the past couple years. Now it’s Carri’s turn. 8) I’ll miss not having him around and am already kinda sad about it, but I’ll try to get out to their place and visit them once in a while. Can’t let my ultimate frisbee skills get too rusty, ya know?

I took a somes pictures, of course. Here are a couple:

Tim and Carri at the alter
Standing at the alter.

Tim R. S. with Tim R. S.
Timothy R. S. with Timothy R. S. ;) (yes, I need a haircut, I know.)

Leaving the church
Here they are leaving the church after the reception.

Oh, and as I was driving home I came across this sign and had to take a picture. Weird, huh? lol

MSBC in East Texas

Posted on October 23, 2005

  • Dad

    I showed your Main Street Baptist Church pictures in church yesterday. It was interesting to see, but knowing other believers are meeting somewhere under the same name was sort of comforting and encouraging. Thanks, Tim!

  • Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m heading to Nashville, too, actually. I love the Youth Specialties conventions–they are the best. Nice site you’ve got here. Have a good one!

  • Kym Mister

    I can't wait for the day our Timmy finally gets married and lives happily ever after!!!! :O)

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