Tim, the fitness man

As the newest member of 24-Hour Fitness, I am pleased to announce that I am officially sore and old. It’s been months since I worked out last, so I thought I’d take it easy, but yeah, that didn’t happen. At least I didn’t go through my full workout anyway. Hopefully the mercy I showed myself will be enough to enable some kind of possible movement in the morning as I try to leave my bed. I’ve been meaning to start exercising again for a while, but since I no longer work at the YMCA I have to pay for a membership somewhere. Plus I no longer have the initiative to go work out without having to be there for employment reasons. After printing out a 10-day free pass for 24-Hour Fitness from their website, I went in to check it out today with a youth intern from church, Phillip. The place is pretty nice and it definitely has a wide range of equipment, which is great. However, the membership prices were much higher than I anticipated. I figured I’d just use my 10-day free pass and then move on to something else, but then we talked with their manager and he decided to wave the registration fee in place of the 10-day pass and give us the membership for the student price even though Phillip and I just graduated, bringing the total to $19.99 a month. Although it’s a pretty good deal, it’s still $20 a month, but I guess I’ve just been spoiled by having a free membership at the YMCA all these years. Besides, knowing that I pay for this now will be an extra kick in the butt to get in there and use it.

I’m looking forward to David, Adrienne, and her brother coming up to visit on Sunday. They’re coming up to get the bedset, but it’ll still be cool to spend my birthday with them. Maybe they’ll even make it up here in time for church.

Okay, dinner is ready and then my roommate and I are gonna watch a movie or something. It’s our last two months together before he moves out and gets married. :| I’ll miss him. He’s been a great roommate for these years.

Posted on June 21, 2005

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