My take on Haiti’s “Devil Pact” and the earthquake

Some evidence I saw that indicates the Haiti earthquake was a physical manifestation of something that took place in the spiritual realm.

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Youth ministry in a religiously diverse world [podcast]

As the world becomes religiously diverse, teenagers consider the Bible to be on the same level as the Book of Mormon and the Koran. How do we start to address this value system?

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Talking about my struggle with pornography at church

I taught in our church services about the struggle of pornography and lust. Here’s my story.

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“To Save A Life” movie review for youth groups

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to watch an advanced screening of the movie, To Save A Life. They have a pretty agressive marketing campaign among the…

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Why the Online Missions Trip happens at a pivotal moment in history

You have to see this video about the social media revolution. It underscores why the Online Missions Trip outreach campaign comes at such a pivotal moment in…

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Freebie Friday #128: Free youth group curriculum, “Issues and...

In 2004 a man named Roland Boyce, who would later become my sr. pastor, wrote a book for youth groups called, “Issues and Answers.” Today…

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Ideas for becoming an evironmentally friendly youth group

The following guest post is contributed by a high school friend of mine, Kira Dacanay. She is passionate for maintaining a global environment that is as clean…

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MSNBC reports on sexting

I’m not sure passing laws and focusing on education will change anything. It’s not a major deterrent to stopping drug usage, so why should it stop…

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What I wish someone told me about youth ministry…

…before I started.
1. It’s very emotional, unlike any other job. You’ll experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.
2. It’s…

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Why teens will leave Facebook in the next two years

I’m taking the liberty to say that teens will move away from Facebook in the next two years. Here’s why:

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