Sneaking into Hangover 2

During the Teen Choice Awards kids were thanked for sneaking into an R rated movie, Hangover 2.

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When parents don’t have a clue

Most parents think their teenager is doing fine, but are really clueless about what’s really going on in their lives and who their friends are.

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Teens think of online video differently than you do

Adults consume content from different sources and for different reasons than teenagers do, especially when it comes to online video.

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Are we essentially affirming Moralistic Therapeutic Deism?

When we approach scripture topically with students, maybe they’re hearing more than what we think we’re teaching.

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Spiritual deception in America is exposed by Haiti

Some sins we perceive in America to be struggles or personal problems may actually be something more. This story explains it by looking at Haiti.

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FAQs for taking a youth group to Haiti

After two trips to Haiti and many youth workers asking me questions about taking their own youth groups to Haiti on a missions trip, here are my answers.

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