Teen girls can now airbrush their own pictures

Bliss magazine, a UK teen publication, is offering an airbrush service for teen girls who want to doctor up their pictures. Either they pay a small fee via text…

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Why church is often a student’s last priority

I recently read an article by Greg Stier titled, “Why Mormons Do Better Youth Ministry Than We Do.” It really confirms a lot of my struggles about…

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Some say it’s OK for girls to go wild

An interesting article by ABC News that suggests it’s OK for girls to be overly expressive about their sexuality in their early teens. Some quotes that…

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What teenagers really want: Fame, fortune and more

Recent studies are saying that teenagers want to be famous. YPulse breaks it down to what they think young people are really saying:
1. They want to be…

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Teens say Dad ranks only a little higher than pets

According to a recent report by Harris Interactive, Inc., Dads aren’t ranking too high among teens as someone who makes them happy.
What makes you…

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“Schmorgesborg spirituality” increasing among teens in 2007

In continuing their series on teen trends for 2007, Ypulse reported this today:

#2- Major media production houses will follow the lead of Christian production…

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Issues in Youth Ministry: Summary, highlights and discussion

Here’s a summary list of every issue in youth ministry that’s been mentioned by one of the series contributors. Whew! There certainly are a lot of…

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Issues in Youth Ministry: Jason Curlee

What do you see as some of the main issues youth ministry is struggling with today?
In my opinion so often I see that youth ministry is struggling with being…

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Kate Winslet on distored perception of beauty

“I do have an issue with this kind of image of perfection that a movie can put across. You want to say to people ‘Stop! Stop! It’s not real…

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Move over MySpace, Facebook is #1 among teenagers

Research by shows that all the hype over MySpace is quickly dying as teenagers and young adults favor Facebook as the #1 visited website among…

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