Ten commandments for surviving in youth ministry (9 of 10)

9. Thou shalt not be a solo act. Don’t build the ministry around yourself. If you do, the ministry dies when you leave. Focus on building and training…

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Using your summer interns wisely

1. Be careful with who you accept as an intern.
Interns are role models to your kids. Before you unleash anyone on your students, you must be confident that…

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Answering the three most common excuses when recruiting

My youth group volunteers and myself are getting ready to go into a recruiting phase. Our current ratio of leaders to students is about 1 to 10, which is…

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A new name for youth workers

I saw this old commercial video clip at Gman’s blog and thought it was a great illustration of what youth ministry is like. So, this weekend I showed it…

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Why I invest the budget into volunteers

My church’s budget runs from July to June, so the new budget proposals from each ministry are due pretty soon. As I work on modifying the student…

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How to recruit ministry volunteers

1. Never stand in front of your congregation and make a plea for help. Don’t ask for anyone interested to contact you. You may get a…

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Why volunteers should always go for free

Dacia Bryan, youth pastor at Higher Ground Pentecostal Holiness Church in Ahoskie, NC, wrote me with the following question:
“Should a portion of the…

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How do I train youth leaders to be relational?

Here’s an question that showed up in my Inbox from an unnamed reader of this blog:
I can’t seem to get my leaders fired up about being relational…

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How to paint a slick lookin’ youth room mural

I’m not really an expert painter, home designer, or fashion statement by any stretch of the imagination, but fortunately one of my youth leaders is. This…

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Ten New Years resolutions for volunteer ministry

1. I will be more of an equipper and less of a doer. Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the purpose of leaders in the church is to equip the people to do the ministry…

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