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Youth Leadership 101: Questions to ask a new youth leader

It’s a good idea to interview every new youth leader before unleashing them to be a spiritual role model for the teens. If you’re the paid youth…

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Youth Leadership 101: What students need from youth leaders

Changing the world happens one student at a time, not in bulk at big events because students do not connect to programs, they connect to people. The most…

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Youth Leadership 101: Boundaries and lifestyle issues for youth leaders

Boundaries are so critical to the health of any youth leader. We could talk about the need to say “no” and protect personal and family time. We…

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Youth Leadership 101: Expectations of youth leaders

I’m not sure there can ever be a complete list of expectations for adult youth leaders. Every ministry has different expectations for people who play…

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Youth Leadership 101: What to look for in a youth leader

Most paid youth workers know they need to put together a team of adult leaders to serve the teens and the ministry, but surprisingly few actually know what…

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Youth Leadership 101: Introduction

Adult leaders are vital to the health and success of any youth ministry. This series introduces some ways to use adults to their full potential.

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Interview: Leadership development in youth ministry

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5 tools I’m happy to pay for as a youth worker

1. $30/month
With a couple of my youth group kids burning through 18,000 text messages in one month each (yes, seriously!), it almost seems…

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Tips for writing a youth ministry budget

Although most youth ministries don’t really have a budget that requires more than 5 minutes of, “Hmm… should we spend it all on a large pizza…

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