Transitioning to a family-based youth ministry

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Posted on April 7, 2009

  • Great stuff here Tim. I am wondering how this discussion affects some of our youth pastor friends who have difficult relationships with their sr. pastors. Has to be a TOUGH thing to start to bring up when you feel like your job could be on the line.

    • I actually have a follow-up video interview with him on that very subject. There's two more videos after this one between me and Mark where we talk about related subjects like that. I'll publish them over the next couple weeks.

      • Looking forward to the follow up…
        No reason…

  • I have heard talk of this shift in youth ministry in the last two conferences I have attended…and Dr. Richard Ross(founder of true love waits) says it best when he said we(veteran youth pastors) will be teaching parents to do what we do best….we have mastered how to make those special moments in youth ministry…but in the upcoming future…or if not now we will start teaching parents what we know so they can do it in homes…I have the CD of the breakout session and it is very informational and good! Just having problems copying it…but if I figure it out…I will post it!

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