Uncertain about NYWC this year

Every year I look forward to attending Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention, especially this year since it’s relatively close by in Austin, TX. I always love the training, spiritual rejuvenation, connecting with other youth workers, and all the encouragement the convention provides. With so many changes taking place in life right now, though, I don’t know if it’ll happen this year or not. Since I’m getting married in July, it would be my first year to attend the convention as a married man with Dana, which would be the coolest thing in the world! I would LOVE to be able to share a hotel room with her and talk about all the youth ministry ideas and questions that come up during that time. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait to see how our finances work out and what employment responsibilities she might have between now and then. It kinda depressing to think I might not be able to go this year with it being only three hours away, but who knows, maybe it’ll work out.

Planning the YS Convention Video

Posted on June 12, 2006

  • I would love for us to go. If I end up getting a teaching job it will be harder for me to take off of work. We’ll see what God has planned out for us. I would love to be able to support you and get to hear everything going on as it happens with you. If not I think I might be able to survive a few days without you by then? I don’t think we’ll know anything by the super early bird in order to sign up, but should know by the early bird on September 1st, which will cost us $575 for both of us to go, and then hotel and meals on top of that.
    I really enjoyed going to NYWC with you and the leaders last year. It was great to see you in your element.
    Great video you put on here too! I love you!

  • I’ve done it all ways. As a single guy. As a married guy w/ my wife there with me. And as a married guy w/ the wife at home.

    It was good all of the above. I always enjoyed the NYWC, but looking at the GrowUp Conference w/ the Student Track in ATL this fall….

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