2nd day at NYWC

Dana and I were so tired from yesterday that we decided to skip the morning workshops and sleep in a little. Two youth group volunteers from our church, Seth and Jessica Hoisington, arrived at the convention this morning, so we met up with them in time for the first general session. It’s been a great day of learning and worship. We were even able to meet Marko and offer our gratitude for making the trip possible for us. (Thanks again, Marko!)

Last year in Nashville I felt very rushed and almost stressed, but this year I feel very relaxed and am just soaking in the whole experience. Maybe it’s because the weather is just so nice, maybe it’s because Dana is here with me as my wife, or maybe because the convention this year feels smaller than other years. I don’t know what it is, but that’s okay — I’ll enjoy it either way.

The second general session for the day just started and now Shane and Shane are leading worship. After this we’ll head to the late night comedy club with Taylor Mason, Thor Ramsey and Ron Pearson. I’ll update later tonight with notes from the sessions and workshops as well as add more pictures from today.

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Posted on October 7, 2006

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