Hmmm… Videoblogging. Sounds cool, especially for youth ministry. I’ve never done it, but I guess it makes sense. Blogging with text and podcasts has been pretty popular, but is videoblogging where all this is heading? I have all the equipment for it. Maybe I should try it out a couple times. It just sounds like a drag to make sure I’m presentable for video whenever I blog, but I guess it would would be easier than typing a lot when out on youth trips or something. Flash streaming is the way to go with video on the Internet because of its compatibility with Mac and Windows and all browsers and its no-wait time for videos to start playing, but Flash hosting is pretty expensive. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about this and see what I figure out. There’s something about writing, though, that forces an individual to articulate their thoughts and release it in a somewhat creative and organized fashion. I think this is what attracts me to to blogging more than anything else. Would videoblogging have the same affect? I kinda think not, but I guess I can give it a try and find out.

A tutorial on videoblogging can be found at

Posted on December 13, 2005

  • Hey! Actually, you can post free video in Windows Media AND Quicktime format for the web on the Internet Archive ( There are a number of places to host free video on the web. Plus…if someone’s going to actually view your vids, they’ll probably take the time to download the needed (free) programs (Windows Media and Quicktime are both free). I think that videoblogging can be a creative expression of what you’re trying to say. It probably won’t replace your text blogging, but it can enhance it. Besides, who wants to read a really long text post? Plus, communication is much more than text. Ok…I’ll stop. Thanks for the linkback.

  • Tim

    Yeah, but if I make the videos stream then I FORCE them to watch it. :twisted: :wink: It’s also just a lot simpler for the viewer. I know I don’t really feel like waiting for 20MB to download so I can watch a video of someone talking about something that turned out to be pretty boring. I can host progressive downloads for wmv files here, but that’ll only work for someone using IE on a Windows machine. Hmm…

  • You can make quicktime vids stream, too (and Quicktime works on Windows and Mac). However, they work best in Firefox. Another cool thing about videoblogging is that you can use/mix/sample other people’s work. With flash files, you can’t do that. I think one answer is to put up multiple file types, giving the viewer the option.

  • I think it’d be pretty funny to see you do video blogging. :wink: It’d another thing I can give you a hard time about. :grin: I guess it’d be nice for times like these when I can’t talk to you on the phone ’cause I sound really funny and it hurts to get out what I can. I was able to smile today though, yesterday I was in pain when I tried to smile…especially laugh. Hopefully I’ll be healed a lot more by the time you come visit. I’m not much fun right now.

  • Roland Boyce


    You and this publication are pretty amazing.

    I’m so glad we’re partners in his work here.

    Your Team-Mate-
    Pastor Rol

  • I’m still waiting for an update. You last posted when I got my tonsils out, and now that I have been laying around the house it is very hard to find good entertainment. :wink:

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