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A new day for LIVE YM Talk?For over a year now LIVE YM Talk has been on Fridays at 2:00 PM Eastern time because that’s my day off, which allows me to host the show without many ministry conflicts. However, now that I have a new little girl, Fridays are more sacred and need to be guarded carefully.

Thankfully, my Sr. Pastor is totally fine with me hosting LIVE YM Talk during the “work week,” so I plan to move the show to a different afternoon. The question is, what afternoon works best for all of you?

I asked that question on Twitter and the LISM Facebook Page a couple days ago and received some helpful feedback from some of you. So far, it turns out that Fridays are the worst possible days for LIVE YM Talk.

If you’re interested in participating in upcoming LIVE YM Talks, please cast your vote on this poll for what day works best for you. The time will most likely remain the same since 2:00 PM Eastern time allows east coast youth workers to be finished with the show about the time schools let out, and for pacific coast youth workers to finish the show right before lunch.

If you’re not familiar with LIVE YM Talk, check out the show’s page. You can listen to recordings of most of our past open-forum conversations there.

Vote for a new LIVE YM Talk day!

Posted on September 29, 2009

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