Young pastors defending arrogance with scripture

Young pastors defending arrogance with scripture“Let no one despise you for your youth…” (1 Tim. 4:12a).

I am a young pastor (26 years old) and have found that my peers in ministry often throw this verse around in order to justify themselves when any type of criticism comes their way. Rather than heeding advice from those older and wiser, they let wise input bounce right off with this verse in mind. They think, “The church elders are just looking down on me because I’m young, but scripture says I shouldn’t let them despise me, so I’m right, they’re wrong.” This attitude is so dangerous and feeds arrogance like nothing else. As a young pastor, the balance to this passage is knowing the difference between legitimate criticism and illegitimate criticism, heeding what’s said with wisdom and respectfully disregarding what’s not.

Posted on December 13, 2006

  • Wow! You nailed this one right out of the park! I whole heartedly agree with you.

  • CBQ

    I totally agree. I know I probably fall into that trap sometimes too. It is hard to recieve criticism. I have found that some people are better at giving it than others, thats for sure. Thanks for this post!


  • Right on, Tim. As an even younger youth pastor (22) I can totally understand this conflict. It is so much easier to twist Scripture than it is to swallow the reality that I don’t have everything figured out yet and need the help of others… especially those who’ve been in ministry longer than I’ve been alive!

  • Great Post Tim…I think many young pastors not just youth pastors need advice like this. Too often we let passion and fire run amuck and don’t temper that with wisdom. Then when there is some positive criticism. I wrote a post with some advice to youth pastors…a lot of advice that I did not follow when I was younger as a pastor (now 37). Part of which there wasn’t any good mentorship to follow.

    I think Ben had a great attitude in wanting to be teachable and that will go a long way for him.

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