Youth Leadership 101: Commitments every new youth worker should make

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Posted on February 4, 2009

  • Love the word brother I totaly agree what you say about commitment! So proud to have the help i do have! I have currently went from 9 teenagers to approx 33 or so because i started my own contemporary service! God is really at work here! Thanks for all the hard work and info!

  • Seth from IA

    I have fast internet but the video didn’t not play very smoothly like it has in the past…

  • @Seth from IA: Hmm… good to know, thanks. It works fine for me, but here in my office at church, it definitely requires a good amount of buffering. Hmm… maybe Vimeo would work better for HD streaming. I’ll have to experiment a bit.

  • Joe Insell

    I love the new intro! Amazing!

  • Yong

    Love the new vids. But can I ask what camera you use?

  • @Yong: I use the Cannon HF100.

  • Yong

    Ah, I see. Very nice. I have an (early-gen) HD camcorder too but AVCHD is a pain to use. For me to do any sort of editing, I have to down-convert it to mpeg2 first. But quality degrades dramatically. I believe you said you use a Mac to edit your vids in another post. But do you convert your vids too with the prepackaged software (or other software) first?

  • @Yong: Yeah, I read several places that AVCHD requires a pretty decent computer system to edit, but I haven’t had any trouble with it at all. Both iMovie and Final Cut Express support AVCHD natively, so there’s no converting or anything necessary to edit it. Plus, my iMac is an Intel Duo 2 3.06 GHz processor with 4 GB memory and a 256 MB graphics card, so it handles it just fine. Exporting in high-def definitely takes longer than standard def, but that’s to be expected.

  • Beej

    Cool shirt! Where can we get one?

  • @Beej: A couple people have asked about that, actually. I got it at a Youth Specialties conference a couple years ago. Didn’t know people actually paid attention to what I wear. lol Now I’m gonna be all self-conscious. Maybe I should make a game outta the shirts I wear or something.

  • PJ

    did anyone else see that deer in the background?

  • @PJ: No, I didn’t, but I guess that’s an advantage of it being in HD, huh?

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