Youth ministry news and links to check out: 03-27-2008

PlugRug around the web:
My post about PlugRug from earlier in case you missed it.
Brandon has a nice summary of it here.
Jordan covers PlugRug, too.
YMX asks a couple questions that I answer in the comments.
Mike compares PlugRug to a 6th grade boy!
Shawn announces PlugRug on his blog, too.
A repost of the message I sent out to the Youth Pastors Only group on Facebook.

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Short and sweet. So many implications for ministry. Typical Seth Godin style.

My job
Ever been frustrated with kids’ wavering commitment to a Christ-like lifestyle? Craig’s perspective is absolutely correct.

Abstract Youth Ministry
I’m still mulling over this one. Thought provoking. I appreciate Steve’s perspective.

When to quit
How do you decide when it’s time to pull the plug on a ministry or just make changes?

Stinky Junior High
lol! What a great idea!

Halo, Rock Band, and Student Ministry
If your youth group doesn’t play Halo, maybe Rock Band is a good alternative for the reasons Justin lists.

If you have suggestions for a resource that could help people with creating Bible lessons for students, contact Jason.

100 blog topics I hope YOU write
I wrote this last year and so far many people have taken advantage of it. Check out the list for a lot of great links. There’s still plenty of openings available for your blog articles, too.

Life in Student Ministry on Facebook
If you’re on Facebook and haven’t joined the Life in Student Ministry Facebook Page yet, check it out. It’s where I communicate “behind the scenes” stuff that I don’t post here on the blog.

Posted on March 27, 2008

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