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Last December I mentioned that an upcoming feature of Life in Student Ministry would be a promotional tool for your ministry-related content. Well, it’s here, but it’s much bigger than I originally anticipated, so much so that I decided to make it a separate website:

How It Works
If you’re familiar with Digg, PlugRug works exactly the same way. Basically, you submit links that you think are great ministry tools, resources, podcasts, video clips, etc. Others see the “Upcoming Stories” and if they also like it, they’ll “plug it” by casting a vote for it. Conversely, people can also “sweep it under the rug” by burying it if they think it’s old news, irrelevant, or whatever. After a story becomes popular enough, it is promoted to the front page of the website for a period of time as one of best current ministry links on the web, as determined by people like you from around the world. It’s an innovative way to both share and discover new ministry ideas, resources, tools and material because recommendations are no longer based on just one person’s opinion. For a more detailed explanation on the site’s features and how it works, visit PlugRug’s About page.

Benefits For Content Creators
If you’re a blogger, podcaster, video creator, or someone who generates any kind of web content for ministry, a site like this can be an invaluable tool for you.

  • Plug your content and generate traffic to your site, especially if it’s voted to the front page.
  • Be discovered by potential new readers and subscribers.
  • Connect with other content creators.
  • Stay up-to-date on what others find valuable in your specific ministry niche.

You can also add a Plug Box to your site template to make it easy for visitors to see how popular a your specific article is on PlugRug and make it easy for them to vote for it, too. Check out a post on my site to see a live example. To add the Plug Box to your site, get the code from here.

Benefits For Ministry Workers
If you don’t create content, but want to find the best current ministry stuff online as recommended by other ministry workers, this site has the potential to be a goldmine for you. Not only can you find what others deem to be the best, coolest and most relevant material right now in a variety of categories, but you can add your comments and place your votes on upcoming stories to help others discover something cool that you found there.

It Needs You
The only way this tool will work is if a community of people embrace it: submitting material, plugging the good stuff, burying the lame stuff, and promoting the site to others. There’s incredible potential here to share and collaborate on ministry content from all over the web at one central location, but it will only be successful if people like you contribute and make it happen.

If you have a website, feel free to steal the PlugRug graphic above and post it on your site. If you podcast, I appreciate your mentions. Your email newsletters, your conversations with other people, your social bookmarking — however you spread the word, it’s appreciated.

Posted on March 17, 2008

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  • [the other] Tim

    So seriously man, how do you have time to do all of this…?
    I cant manage to find time to read and keep up with
    Life in Student Ministry stuff – much less stay on top of
    everything like you.
    YOU are SERIOUSLY such a role model.
    I want to be like you when I grow up and am a youth pastor. hah.

  • @ [the other] Tim: I dunno, it’s not really that hard. Maybe it’s because my wife and I don’t have kids yet? I dunno. lol I worked on PlugRug on and off over the course of a couple months and then just dedicated my day off last week to finally finish it up. And the blog stuff doesn’t take much time either. Most of it is stuff that comes up through my own experiences in ministry or conversations with others about their experiences. It maybe takes 20 minutes to type most of it and click “Publish.” But even so, I don’t mind spending time on ministry web stuff as a hobby because I love sharing and helping others to serve the Lord and His kids.

  • I love the idea! I am a big fan of digg. I’m excited to see this idea become a tool for growing and sharing our knowledge of youth ministry! Thanks!

  • Dang… I’m AMAZED. again.
    Seriously, incredible idea here. This has wonderful potential.

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