Youth ministry news and links to check out: 6-11-08

Flexible in Ministry
Good tips for getting outside of your youth group. I’m looking forward to teaching some adult classes at my church for some of these very reasons.

Is Bigger Really Better?
[Link updated for YS’s new site.] An interview with some youth pastors from very large churches who left for smaller churches. They discuss the difference between large and small ministries. Here’s one youth worker’s response.

Top 10 things adults should know about youth
Got anything else to add to the list? How about something like, “Teenagers can eat 10x more pizza than you do.”

Twitter Church
If you’re wondering what Twitter might look like when used on the big screen during a church service, check this out. (If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to follow me.) [ ht ]

100 blog topics I hope YOU write
Since there’s always new subscribers joining the site, I’d like to point this out again. Blog about some of the youth ministry topics I listed here, include a link back to it, and I’ll update the post to link to your post for all to read.

Be a guest blogger for me next week
I’ll be out of the country on a missions trip and don’t have time to write enough blog entries to queue up while I’m gone. If you’re interested in being writing a guest post or two this week, check out these suggestions and guidelines.

One month of daily TXT devotions
As texting has become increasingly popular these days, youth pastors are trying to utilize this new communication tool in their student ministries. One example of a way to use this tool is to text brief devotions daily to students. Here are some ideas to help you get started.
This is a phone service that allows for pre recorded phone messages to be sent out. There is a free service and, of course, premium membership for more calls and options. [ via PlugRug ]
Engage your audience by displaying a free survey that’s updated LIVE within PowerPoint as people submit their response via TXT message. Sweetness!
The world’s largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible, all by Legos! Great images and illustrations for teaching aids. [ht via ]

Posted on June 10, 2008

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