Apartment finalized

I finally got my apartment situation settled today. It’s all gonna work out great, mostly due to an oversight on my part. (And people talk about ignorance like it’s a bad thing.) I always assumed our current apartment complex figured we were leaving since we haven’t renewed our lease and that they expected us to be out of the apartment on the last day of our lease. Turns out that’s totally wrong. It’s not like a contract that just expires on a certian day or something simple like that. Instead the lease changes to a month-by-month thing until we hand in a 30-day written notice of vacancy. From the day they receive the notice we then have 30 days left in the apartment.

My roommate and I didn’t learn this until last week, though. So instead of moving out by August 31 we now have this apartment until September 12. At first I thought it was gonna be a pain since I’d have to pay for two places that much longer, but as of today it works out perfectly. The apartment complex I decided to move into that’s next to the church has a waiting line of people wanting the floorplan I’m first in line to take, but they only have 1 apartment to give right now. I’ve been pushing for a first-floor apartment the whole time to make it easier to use my bike, better noise control, and easier to move in, but the apartment they have available for me is on the second floor. Because of that I’ve been kinda hesitant to take it and wanted to wait to see if something else came up. Well, what worked out nice for me is that they have a bigger first-floor apartment available but no one in line to take it. So they gave me the bigger apartment for the same price of the smaller one. The one I was planning to take is 663 sq. ft. but the one they’re giving me for no extra fee is 730 sq. ft.. That way the guy in line behind me for the smaller apartment can have his second floor apartment, I get a first-floor apartment that’s 67 more sq. ft., has a small yard in front with a great climbing tree and plenty of parking. It’s also on the end of the building so I’ll only share a wall with one neighbor who is actually one of the maintence guys. It works out well for the complex, too, because now they’re filling two apartments instead of just one. I guess maybe because of my “outstanding” credit history and background checks (as she put it) they don’t mind taking the monthly rent cut off the normal rent of that bigger apartment since they know I’ll be dependable. Getting a bigger apartment for the same price isn’t a bad deal, huh?

I start moving in on September 9, which works out perfectly since the 12th is my last day at my current apartment. That gives me one solid weekend to move all my stuff. There really isn’t any other weekend to do it anway. Next weekend I have a Youth Specialties training conference with the adult volunteers from church and the weekend after that I have an Xbox thing at church, David and Adrienne are coming into town, and I’m preaching. Moving the weekend after that will be crazy, I’m sure, but at least I’ll just get it all over with at once. I’m sure my lovely youth group won’t mind helping, riiiiiight??? ;)

Posted on August 18, 2005

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