• http://Www.notamegachurch.com Tom

    Cancelling all depends on your expectations. If u r fine with a smaller group, great go for it at the same time. Or alter your plan & do regular group a little earlier & incorporate a Halloween theme like beat costume contest.

  • http://www.benjermcveigh.com Benjer McVeigh

    I'll be interested to hear what callers say about Halloween…here in Utah, we don't need to worry about stuff interfering with Sundays. Halloween is just moved to tonight! And when the 4th of July was on a Sunday this summer, fireworks, parades, and carnivals were on Saturday or Monday, not Sunday.

    • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

      Really? Is that because of the Mormon population?

      • http://www.benjermcveigh.com Benjer McVeigh

        Yep. Sundays are so important in Utah, they trump non-church holidays that most of our country wouldn't miss for anything. [Cue Greg Stier article on Mormons and youth ministry]

        • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

          Wow, that's kinda cool, in an unfortunate kinda way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.giesler Aaron Giesler

    We don't have any church activities on Sunday evening so it isn't an issue with us…

    • http://www.studentministry.org Tim Schmoyer

      But if you did, what would you do? Or what do you do when it's on a Wednesday night?

  • Nicole

    Our high school youth meet every other Sunday night, and middle school youth meet every other Wednesday night, so I usually plan to skip Halloween night. Also, our city's Kiwanis Club run a Spookerama for each age group, Middle years, and High School. It's basically a free dance with free hotdogs, pop, and prizes for their costumes. We celebrate All Saints Day on November 1st, so the youth plan a program and activities for families and younger kids on that day.

  • Angel Lewis

    i am not a really big fan of halloween at all because of the fact o it only represents demons, goblins, and death etc. So therefore none of those things relates to GOD in way shape or form no matter if u agree r disagree. But i know that God has blessed for me to be wise and not just follow wat everyone else do I AM WILLING TO TAKE A STAND!

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