Freebie Friday #112: Teen Internet Hangouts workshop notes and PowerPoint

Free youth ministry resources every FridayA year and a half ago I wrote about a Teen Internet Hangouts workshop I did for the parents at my church. I gave them an overview of many popular social places on the Internet, including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, World of Warcraft and some of the upcoming sites they need to be aware of. At that time I chose not to release my notes for the seminar since I was traveling and making the presentation at other places, and because I strongly feel that this is not the kind of seminar you can present to parents just based off of someone else’s notes. This is a subject you actually have to know what you’re talking about, including all the research behind it.

However, enough people have asked for the notes and PowerPoint presentation that I’ve finally given in to your request. Just please don’t get up in front of parents and read my notes to them. Use my notes and PowerPoint presentation as a springboard for creating your own seminar. Do the research yourself. Please and thank you.

Some previous blog posts on this Teen Internet Hangouts material:

Word documentDownload “Teen Internet Hangouts” workshop notes

PowerPoint documentDownload “Teen Internet Hangouts” workshop PowerPoint

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Posted on February 13, 2009

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